HAVVK Tap into the Nervous Energy of Early Adulthood with New Single “No Patience”

Photo by Tim Shearwood

By Ellen Pentony

We’re certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting female voices in Irish rock right now. Led by frontperson Julie Hawk, HAVVK return with the second single from their upcoming album Levelling. No stranger to political and social themes (“Always the Same”, “Glass” and “Once Told”), the latest release from the grunge-rock trio is more introspective and personal. 

For Hawk, “‘No Patience’ is about the extreme emotions of going from feeling like you have total control of the path ahead, to feeling suddenly behind and insecure.”

That sense of uncertainty strikes a nerve with a socially-anxious generation constantly comparing ourselves to others and questioning if our decisions are the right ones. 

You can almost visualise Hawk pacing around her room as hushed, impatient vocals, loud guitars and rapid drums build an anxious mood that is suddenly interrupted by a burst of released emotion. The shift from verse to chorus is indicative of what Hawk describes as the “tension between confidence and uncertainty,” something she says is central to the opening tracks of the album.

“No Patience” is the second single from HAVVK’s upcoming album Levelling set to be released on VETA music later this year. 

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