Cosha Announces Debut Album, Releases Chill Pop Banger “Run The Track”

Photo by Lillie Eiger

By Clare Martin

Cassia O’Reilly, aka Cosha, announced her debut album Mt. Pleasant today with the release of her single “Run The Track,” which feels like an early bid for song of the summer. Fuzzy radio static hums in your ears before a bright beat hops in, immediately getting you ready to groove. Her autotuned voice is quicksilver—shiny, slick, and exquisite. “Run The Track” was made in LA with Grammy-nominated producer Rostam, who’s worked with the likes of Haim, Clairo, and Frank Ocean. 

Cosha says of the song: “It’s a rhythmic banger that will move you physically and emotionally. It deals with the often bizarre courtship stage in a new relationship/friendship where you’re still figuring that person out and getting to know their nuances, maybe questioning your interpretations of their actions. It’s that journey from the delicate beginning through to a stronger, more concrete terrain; not ending, because a real friendship doesn’t end it just keeps growing stronger the more love you put into it… and if you’re not trying to get too deep with it, that’s cool. It just bangs. Let it move you.”

The Dublin-born, London-based artist is sharing her record later this summer July 2nd. Mt. Pleasant is named for the part of our capital where Cosha grew up, and hopes that listeners find a sense of comfort and freedom in her songs. 

“When I think about what I love about the music I love and start dissecting, all those songs make me feel like I have company, made me feel more at home,” she explains. “I wanted this album to be somewhere you can retreat to for companionship, something that leaves you feeling light and liberated. It’s called ‘Mt. Pleasant’ because that was my home. Maybe this album can be a home for someone else now.” 

Watch the music video for “Run The Track” (dir. Ashley Rommelrath and Cosha) below, and check out the tracklist for Mt. Pleasant further down.

Mt. Pleasant Track List

  1. Do You Wanna Dance
  2. Berlin Air
  3. No Kink in The Wire
  4. Lapdance From Asia ft. Shygirl 
  5. Run The Track
  6. Tighter ft. Coby Sey 
  7. Hot Tub 
  8. Bad Luck