The Altered Hours Release Super 8-Filmed Music Video for “All Amnesia”

Photo by Terry McAuliffe

By Clare Martin

Cork band The Altered Hours’ recent single “All Amnesia” was one of our favourite releases of April: part psychedelia, part dream pop, and completely captivating. Now the group, who were recently signed to Dundalk label Pizza Pizza Records, have shared the accompanying music video, which was filmed and edited by their own Cathal MacGabhann.

The Super 8 camera MacGabhann wields gives everything a slightly retro look. The lo-fi video could be a long-lost reel of film, the fuzzy images of a band from decades ago. Clips are layered over each other and the handheld camerawork adds an extra element of dynamism. Lead singer Elaine Howley and the rest of The Altered Hours wander between lush trees and flowering plants, the beautiful setting contrasting starkly with the dark, reverb-soaked song. 

Watch the video for “All Amnesia” below.