Pat Lagoon Releases Rager-Ready New Single “DETOX”

By Clare Martin

Pat Lagoon’s latest single, “DETOX,” will either have you begging for a pint or ruefully remembering your last drunken mistake. Despite its sobering name, it’s the type of song meant to play in the background as a party careens out of control. Every line drips with debauchery.

Synths twinkle mischievously in the background before the Waterford rapper sets the scene: “I was on the beer / You were drinking on the voddy.” The beat taps into something instinctive, making it impossible not to dance along. It’s the type of heady groove you can expect at an especially entertaining afters, keeping you going until the wee hours of the morning.

Listen to “DETOX,” produced by TunesOnTick and mixed by MyFault, aka Adam Shanahan, below.