Celaviedmai Just Wants to “HEAL” on Her Latest Lovelorn Track

Photo by Bekah Molony

By Clare Martin

Plenty of rap focuses on the performer’s wins: their money, their status, their romances. Despite this being baked into the genre, some of the most enduring rap instead zeroes in on hardship and emotional pain. Case in point: Galway rapper Celaviedmai’s new single “HEAL.”

Starting off with humming and distorted, lo-fi vocals, the track tells the story of the first woman Mai loved and subsequently lost. That heartbreak is palpable from the opening line: “Loving you was a choice / And I chose you / You didn’t even pick me.”

In a moment of courageous vulnerability, the rapper and songwriter cycles through the self-critical thoughts that plague a person after rejection. “HEAL” proves both contemplative and sultry, a chance for Mai to show off her incredible vocal chops as well as her lyrical prowess. 

Listen to “HEAL” below.