Pride Profiles: Babylamb

To celebrate Pride, we’ll be highlighting a different Irish artist from the LGBTQIA+ community each day in June as part of our Pride Profiles series.

By Sophie McDonald

Listen If You Like

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Who They Are

A quintessentially queer quartet, Babylamb having been hitting all the high notes since their first single “Bodyright.” Their debut explored body image and positivity, avoiding any sickly sweet message and achieving well-thought-out awareness. Upbeat and fantastically dance-y, Tobias, Laoise, Cian, and Rían produce lively tracks perfect for the dancefloor. Their latest single “Mister Magic” thrives on its opulent production. Filled with layered synths and electronic soundbites, Tobi and Laoise’s harmonies add a touch of dreaminess to the pop anthem. 

Part of Hot Press‘ Hot for 2021 list, they’re building themselves up for the year ahead. Having already graced the stages of Whelan’s and Workman’s, Babylamb have made a name for themselves as an unmissable live act. Energetic, they pulsate with a love for each other and for the magical hyper-pop they’ve created. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of zest to your day or pumping yourself up for the night ahead, Babylamb will provide a tantalising, terrific soundtrack.