Nostalgia Interrupted: HAVVK Talk Growing Up on “Automatic,” Announce Sophomore LP ‘Levelling’

Photo by James Byrne

By Ellen Pentony

Indie-grunge trio HAVVK have released a new single from their upcoming sophomore album Levelling, out September 17th. Like their preceding singles “Home” and “No Patience,” the latest release from HAVVK is charged with the competing energies of calm and chaos.

On “Automatic,” lead singer Julie Hough’s shoegaze vocals lull you into a false sense of security, creating a comforting air of nostalgia before screeching guitars rip you from the safety of the verse and into a chorus filled with the panicked loss of cherished memories.

Speaking on the inspiration for the track, Hough says: “Automatic is about cherishing childhood friendships and the way that they evolve. It’s about snapshots that will always be imprinted in our minds – for me it’s hours talking on the landline, swapping clothes, burning CDs, mitching school or going to gigs for the first time. It’s about the fuzzy feeling of nostalgia when you slip back into a conversation with an old friend as if you saw each other yesterday. But it’s also about being afraid to lose that feeling; being anxious that those memories might burn away and having to be open to growing together even as your paths change.”

Levelling will be released on September 17th on VETA records. You can find the tracklist below. 

Levelling Track List

  1. Tides
  2. Home 
  3. No Patience 
  4. Automatic 
  5. Easy
  6. Under Your Breath 
  7. Halfway Out 
  8. Machines 
  9. Hold 
  10. By Night