Pride Profiles: Sprints

Photo by Conor O’Beirne

To celebrate Pride, we’ll be highlighting a different Irish artist from the LGBTQIA+ community each day in June as part of our Pride Profiles series.

By Ellen Pentony

Listen If You Like

Girl Band, LCD Soundsystem, PUP, Porridge Radio 

Who They Are

Sprints are a four piece indie-noise band from Dublin. Using a vocal style reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, frontwoman Karla Chubb talk-sings her way through issues affecting contemporary Ireland. 

“Manifesto” and “Swimming” pulsate with satirical energy as layers of guitar, bass, and thumping drums combine to capture the frustrated, angry spirit of Irish millennials faced with economic and social uncertainty. On “The Cheek” and “Ashley,” though, Chubb brings her queer identity to the fore, exploring turbulent relationships and the bisexual experience. Direct and deliberate, Sprints speak keenly to life as a young person in Ireland.