Pride Profiles: St. Bishop

To celebrate Pride, we’ll be highlighting a different Irish artist from the LGBTQIA+ community each day in June as part of our Pride Profiles series.

By Clare Martin

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Who He Is

Ste Bishop—better known by his moniker St. Bishop—may only have one EP out, but his glossy pop sound already has incredible mainstream potential. Layered harmonies and shimmery synths wend their way into your ears, urging you to move your hips and make your way to the dancefloor. The self-dubbed “patron saint of gays” has arrived. 

Bishop says that his latest song “Close,” off the EP of the same title, is all about “one of those whirlwind romances that immediately sweeps you off of your feet and plunges you into a world where nothing else matters… think the Cinderella Story starring Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray but with a lot more vodka.” The accompanying music video came out today and is partly visually inspired by Stranger Things. Starkly lit scenes of Bishop waiting for his toast to be done and pushing through the mundanity of life are bookended by moments where he dances with abandon, bathed in neon light. 

Watch the music video for “Close” (dir. Ben Kavanagh) below.