Pride Profile: Emét

By Sophia McDonald

A Derry native, Emét’s soft folk is definitely worth adding to your chill-out playlists. His covers of indie favourites Phoebe Bridgers and Father John Misty show his penchant for emotively charged tracks, something he has brought to his own music. Returning to the scene this year with his ‘Cheers & All The Best’ EP, Emmét McGonagle is back after a two year hiatus during which he earned his MA in Magazine Journalism. His new moniker, Emét is a product of the pandemic, when new music was written and recorded in Belfast’s Half Bap studios. Having been featured on KEXP in Seattle as well as at home on Irish radio stations, Emét’s tranquility is a well needed balm to your everyday woes.

Contemplating the ups and downs of life, his music is a comfort to listen to, stirring emotions of reflection, nostalgia and melancholy. Acoustic guitar melodies and harmonies benefit from Emét’s elegant pacing. Flowing along winding narratives, his use of place names and expansive crescendos will bring a tear to many an eye. Veering into Damien Rice territory and hinting at a reserved Leonard Cohen, Emét is ingenious in his use of guitar, brass and drums and pairs them wonderfully with his trusty acoustic tunes. 

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