banríon Ushers in the New Year with Melancholic “end times”

By Clare Martin

Anyone else feel lately like they’ve arrived at the end of things? Like the fire has already gone out, and we’re just gathering around the embers hoping for some lingering warmth?

At the very least, banríon (Róisín Ní Haicéid) understands this emotion, capturing a sense of sad wistfulness on her new track “end times.” She swaps out the listless indie rock of her full band EP airport dads for just as languorous, but slightly gentler, folk on her latest release. The Dublin artist self-recorded the song, which was produced by passerby (aka Diarmuid O’Connor).

“This city is gonna die soon / We’ll all move away,” Ní Haicéid sings, reminding us of every friend who’s emigrated, and how we can hardly blame them considering the state of things.

The song radiates a certain warmth, though, that brings to mind the lovely, hopeful moments keeping us here. “Light to be found in the end times / Didn’t think it’d be so beautiful / Or we’d still have stuff to say,” she murmurs at the end, staving off impending darkness.

Listen to “end times” below.