What We Do

We want to highlight Irish artists from underrepresented groups, whether that be women, people of colour, queer people, disabled people, trans people, and so on.

Who We Are


Ellen Pentony, Co-founder (she/they): A video producer who loves vikings and Keira Knightley in the film Bend It Like Beckham

Clare Martin, Co-founder (she/her): A writer who enjoys walking in cemeteries and only playing video games set in the Pacific Northwest


Hannah Quearney (pronoun indifferent): A music writer who identifies strongly with the Eraserhead baby and loves the DART very much. 

Sophia McDonald (they/them) : A big pop and rock fan with a massive soft spot for rap, hip hop and dance; as long as it has a good beat, they’ll be on it like a hot potato.

Want to Write for Us?

We’re always looking for contributors. If you want to get involved, please send a writing sample and a bit about yourself to namelessfacelessmagazine@gmail.com