SOAK Introduces a Nostalgic New Sound with “last july”

Photo by Sam Hiscox

By Ella Bowler

SOAK announced a new album and lead single for their record If I Never Know You Like This Again, out May 20 via Rough Trade. 

The queer Northern Irish musician released their sophomore album Grim Town in 2019. With their initial sound adhering to Japanese Breakfast and Lana Del Rey in order to capture the angst that comes with youth’s departure, it has transformed to live somewhere between The Cranberries and Pillow Queens, as SOAK leans into a nineties-nostalgic-rock sound in their latest single release, “last july.” 

“I hate the idea of getting older and forgetting, or having a family and not being able to perfectly explain a memory or feeling. I always want to remember exactly how I felt at a certain moment,”  they state in a press release. “This record is the most accurate picture of me. I felt no pressure at all, it was almost like I was ranting as I was writing. When I was looking to the past, it was as though I had a big lottery ball of all my recent memories and I would just randomly select which one I wanted to unpack. It helped me to process that.” 

A “last july” music video was also released. Directed by Ellius Grace, it presents a dreamscape montage of nostalgia; Watson and their partner running through a house, holding hands and dancing.

Watch the music video below and pre-order If I Never Know You Like This Again here.

Watch Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra’s New Video for “Empty Envelope”

Video still: Hollie Gilson

By Clare Martin

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra have released the music video for “Empty Envelope,” one of the most haunting and underrated Irish tracks of 2021. The video, which was filmed and edited by Irish artist Hollie Gilson, stars the band’s songwriter and guitarist Sarah Deegan, who strides through the scenes in a black duster straight out of the Matrix.

Don’t expect any slick Y2K aesthetics here, though. Gilson bathes the shots in warm golden light, punctuated by violent pops of red, whether in Deegan’s beret or the titular empty envelope.

As for the song itself, Deegan quite literally dreamed it up. She dreamt of receiving an empty letter, and thus the hazy, shoegaze-y single was born.

“It’s about the cyclical nature of bad decisions. ‘Empty Envelope’ examines the process of burning everything down to rebuild from the ashes,” she says.

Thankfully, there’s more to come from Deegan and drummer Danni Nolan, as the pair are finishing off their debut album.

Watch the music video for “Empty Envelope” below, and maybe treat yourself to the accompanying Unsent Letter Kit here.

Frustrations Boil Over on New Sprints Single “Little Fix”

Photo credit: Ste Murray

By Ellen Pentony

Sprints are back with another noisy banger. Taken from their upcoming EP A Modern Job, their latest single “Little Fix” is a thumping rant, taking aim at a world that continues to look the other way. 

Like on previous singles “Swimming” and “The Cheek,” lead singer Karla Chubb doesn’t hold back, delivering blunt truths about misogyny in the music industry with biting, rapid ferocity: “So tell me doctor / how do you fix / a problem they don’t seem to think really exists.”

Chubb notes that the track is inspired by her experience of “insecurities, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes….the, sometimes, self applied pressure that as a woman in music I can’t just be good, I have to be great.”  

Sprints have an exciting 2022 ahead. They’re playing the prestigious SXSW in March, while their new EP A Modern Job is out via Nice Swan Records on March 22.

Listen to “Little Fix” below and pre-order A Modern Job here.

Just Mustard Premiere Concert Film ‘Live In Dreams’ and Announce UK Tour

Photo by Megan Doherty

Grunge five-piece Just Mustard have collaborated with creative agency Collective Films (CLTV) to produce a concert film called Live In Dreams. The performance was recorded at An Táin – an independent arts centre in their native Dundalk – and will premiere on YouTube tonight at 9 p.m. Fast becoming one of Ireland’s most touted acts, Just Mustard rose to acclaim with their debut album Wednesday in 2018. You can watch them performing songs from the Choice Music Prize nominated album via the link below.

Tickets for their Ireland and UK tour go on sale this Friday.