CMAT Premieres Energetic, Eclectic Music Video for “I Don’t Really Care For You”

Photo by Sarah Doyle

By Clare Martin

Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, aka CMAT, shared the video for her track “I Don’t Really Care For You,” today, solidifying herself as an artist who puts as much care into crafting her visual output as she does her catchy songs. She aimed for her first single of 2021 to sound like  “ABBA doing a spaghetti western soundtrack,” and the video is just as thoughtfully put together. Director Eilís Doherty and the Tiny Ark production team worked with CMAT to bring her singular vision to life.

“The director Eilís approached me some time ago to make a music video, and I really wanted it to be for ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ because I knew she would be able to capture the high energy mood of the song, and also we are into the same old, niche and ugly design stuff,” Thompson explains. 

“Visual references for this video range anywhere from the film Five Easy Pieces, to a BTS music video, and the dream sequence was inspired by a Nestle ad from the 1980’s,” she continues. “The choreographer, Nick, made my dreams come true. I was like, ‘I want to dance like Blackpink, but I have absolutely no technical ability whatsoever.’ I think that much is evident in the video but we pulled it off!” 

With her big ‘80s hair and enthusiastic dancing, CMAT is clearly the star here. The video nails the aesthetics, from the cosy diner interior decked out in granny decor to the fantasy backdrop that looks like it’s from a Wild West bodice ripper. 

Watch the video for “I Don’t Really Care For You” below.