Our Recs for Bandcamp Friday

Illustration by Shannon Foy

By Ellen Pentony

Looking for a new cool t-shirt to show off to your mates next time you meet them outside two metres apart?? Or a vinyl to play when you’ve bailed because it’s raining outside and you’ve forgotten how to socialise? Want to help out your favourite artists in the process? Well today is your lucky day, because we here at Nameless Faceless have a long list of merch and music you can get as part of Bandcamp Friday.

Since March 2020, Bandcamp have waived their revenue fees every first Friday of the month – meaning that everything you pay goes directly to the artist. Given how little revenue streaming services provide, this is a unique opportunity to give back to the artists that you love. 

Whether it’s a t-shirt, vinyl, or even a digital album – every little bit helps.

Vinyl & Tees

Bitch Falcon

Grunge-rock trio Bitch Falcon have a wide range of merch available to buy including their Choice Music Prize-nominated album Staring at Clocks in a blue, black, or clear vinyl.

You can also get this wavy tee designed by front-woman Lizzie Fitzpatrick.

Gemma Dunleavy

Dublin icon Gemma Dunleavy has “up de flats” t-shirts and masks available to buy on her bandcamp.

While the physical copy is sold out, you can buy the digital version of her acclaimed EP for only 5 quid. 


Vulnerable, intense and honest, Constance Keane, who performs as Fears, released her stunning debut album today. It’s available to buy on vinyl from Bandcamp as well as this very cool long sleeve t-shirt.

Both record sleeve and t-shirt feature the iconic tulle dress that Keane designs herself.


Indie-grunge trio HAVVK are set to release their next album this year. In the meantime, you can get an exclusive Bandcamp Friday bundle offer that includes their debut album Cause & Effect and this slick monochrome tee.

Soda Blonde

Alternative-rock group Soda Blonde release their debut album Small Talk on June 9th. You can pre-order the yellow vinyl now. 

Maija Sofia

This green and white marble vinyl of Maija Sofia’s gorgeous debut album Bath Time is available as a limited edition, with only 300 copies pressed. 

You can also get this Helium and Hydrogen tote bag.


SPRINTS released their Manifesto EP last month and while the vinyl has completely sold out, you can get these t-shirts designed by Tara Lehmann.

There is also a limited edition signed zine documenting the creation of the EP which includes personal notes, scans of original lyric sheets, and personal photos.

Wyvern Lingo

The Wicklow trio have lots to choose from on their Bandcamp. Their latest album Awake You Lie is available on vinyl.

There’s also a limited edition t-shirt featuring Liing Heaney’s artwork for “Dont Say It.”

Wee Bits

Aby Coulibaly – “Long Nights” – Digital Track

AE Mak – Class Exercises – Digital Album

KK Lewis – “Loop Now” – Stickers

Kynsy – “Things That Don’t Exist” – Digital Album

Patty & Selma – “Girlboss Gaslight Gatekeep” – Digital Track

Powpig – Buzz Buzz – Digital Album

Jack Rua and Saint Taint – I Don’t Party Enough Anymore – Digital Album

Smoothboi Ezra – “Stuck” – Digital Track 

Toygirl –  “Water” – Digital Track