Watch Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra’s New Video for “Empty Envelope”

Video still: Hollie Gilson

By Clare Martin

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra have released the music video for “Empty Envelope,” one of the most haunting and underrated Irish tracks of 2021. The video, which was filmed and edited by Irish artist Hollie Gilson, stars the band’s songwriter and guitarist Sarah Deegan, who strides through the scenes in a black duster straight out of the Matrix.

Don’t expect any slick Y2K aesthetics here, though. Gilson bathes the shots in warm golden light, punctuated by violent pops of red, whether in Deegan’s beret or the titular empty envelope.

As for the song itself, Deegan quite literally dreamed it up. She dreamt of receiving an empty letter, and thus the hazy, shoegaze-y single was born.

“It’s about the cyclical nature of bad decisions. ‘Empty Envelope’ examines the process of burning everything down to rebuild from the ashes,” she says.

Thankfully, there’s more to come from Deegan and drummer Danni Nolan, as the pair are finishing off their debut album.

Watch the music video for “Empty Envelope” below, and maybe treat yourself to the accompanying Unsent Letter Kit here.